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Choose certified and environmentally validated biodiesel produced by American GreenFuels.

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What is biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a renewable, cleaner-burning alternative to diesel fuel that reduces our dependence on foreign oil, creates jobs right here in Connecticut, and lowers the negative impact of carbon emissions on the environment. Exercise your right to a cleaner environment: choose American GreenFuels® biodiesel in your heating oil.

What is Bioheat® heating oil?

Bioheat® heating oil is any blend of biodiesel and heating oil.

Why Choose Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a renewable, cleaner-burning alternative to diesel fuel that reduces our dependence on foreign oil, creates jobs right here in Connecticut, and lowers the negative impact of carbon emissions on the environment.

It’s produced from a multitude of feedstocks that include waste products from other industries.

Biodiesel is produced from a variety of feedstocks, including vegetable oils and animal fats. American GreenFuels uses waste products from other industries, such as waste oils (for example, used cooking oils from restaurants and/or food factories) and animal fats, to produce its certified and environmentally validated biodiesel.

It’s made in Connecticut for Connecticut.

Our New Haven plant presently employs a staff of 50 people directly and an additional 200 people indirectly within CT. As we increase production, we will contribute to the growth of Connecticut’s economy by supporting local businesses and employing more Connecticut families.

It’s a renewable energy source.

Biodiesel is produced from resources, such as waste, which are replenished almost as quickly as they are consumed. Ultra low sulfur heating oil is produced from fossil fuels, which are consumed faster than they can be replenished.

It’s cleaner burning.

Biodiesel is cleaner-burning, which means that when it burns, it emits less harmful greenhouse gas emissions than those normally produced by diesel and other petroleum-based fuel sources, such as traditional heating oil.

It’s better for the environment: it boasts a more favorable life cycle analysis.

The life cycle analysis of greenhouse gas emissions of certified biodiesel produced by American GreenFuels is determined by production, transportation, and consumption and calculated based on delivery within 100 miles from the manufacturing site. When sold within Connecticut, biodiesel produced by American GreenFuels contains greenhouse gas emission savings of 78% to 93% as compared with ultra low sulfur heating oil. Based on its manufacturing process and logistics, certified biodiesel by American GreenFuels boasts a logistical advantage with regards to lower transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions. The aforementioned results in a product with greater environmental benefits for Connecticut consumers as compared with other biodiesel transported into Connecticut — and a better environment is good for all of us in Connecticut.

It's environmentally validated by UL.

Biodiesel produced by American GreenFuels has achieved three UL Environmental Claim Validations:
  1. Recycled Content - Biodiesel produced by American GreenFuels, LLC contains an average of 41% post-consumer recycled content;
  2. Byproduct Synergy - Biodiesel produced by American GreenFuels, LLC contains an average of 47% byproduct synergy feedstock content; and,
  3. Zero Waste to Landfill – Silver – American GreenFuels, LLC has achieved zero waste to landfill silver operations, 91% diversion.

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Get The Facts About Biodiesel

American GreenFuels certified and environmentally validated biodiesel burns cleaner and more efficiently than other heating oils. Get all the facts about biodiesel and debunk some popular myths so you can make an informed choice.

Myth: Biodiesel is incompatible with rubber seals and pumps utilized in oil burner systems, thereby causing this equipment to fail.

Facts: "B100 [100% biodiesel] is not compatible with some hoses and gaskets. B100 [100% biodiesel] may soften and degrade certain types of rubber compounds used for hoses and gaskets (buna-N, nitrile, natural rubber) and may cause them to leak and degrade to the point where they crumble and become useless. There have not been significant material compatibility issues with B20 [20% biodiesel blended with heating oil] unless the B20 has been oxidized."

Myth: Biodiesel will cause heating oil tanks to corrode.

Facts: "There have been reports of accelerated corrosion in ultra low sulfur diesel tanks across the country. The definitive cause of the microbial contamination is not yet known; however, the EPA and industry are [investigating] the cause and are working towards a solution. Following best practices on maintaining tanks, cleaning them, and removing water bottoms reduce the risk of corrosion."

Myth: Biodiesel is negatively affected by yellow metals, such as copper, that are present in many oil burner systems.

Facts: "Copper strip corrosion. [The copper strip corrosion] test is used to indicate potential difficulties with copper and bronze fuel system components. The requirements for B100 [100% biodiesel] and conventional diesel are identical, and biodiesel meeting other D6751 specifications always passes this test."

Myth: Pump Seizures & Filter Concerns: Biodiesel will cause filters in oil burner systems to "freeze" up or "seize."

Facts: Biodiesel [100% biodiesel, or B100] is a good solvent. It may loosen or dissolve varnish and sediments in fuel tanks and fueling systems left by conventional diesel over time. If a system contains sediments, the tanks and fuel system should be cleaned before B100 [biodiesel] is handled or used. A good indication that [a] B100 is cleaning the tank is an initial increase in filter plugging. Over time, filter change intervals should return to normal. This should not be an issue for B20 [a 20% blend of biodiesel in heating oil] or lower blends.

American GreenFuels is the largest biodiesel production facility in the northeastern United States.


American GreenFuels is proud to produce certified and environmentally validated biodiesel right here in New Haven, Connecticut. Our mission is to increase demand for biodiesel blends in transportation fuel and heating oil in homes and commercial buildings throughout the State of Connecticut. Higher biodiesel blends in transportation fuel and heating oil is better for the environment and better for the local economy.