About American GreenFuels®


American GreenFuels is your local producer of environmentally-friendly, certified and environmentally validated biodiesel — biodiesel reduces carbon emissions as compared with traditional ultra low sulfur heating oil.

American GreenFuels, LLC manufactures high quality biodiesel in New Haven, Connecticut. We produce our biodiesel from a multitude of feedstocks, which includes waste collected from other industries that we reuse in our facility. Once produced, our biodiesel is then blended by our distributor network with ultra low sulfur heating oil to create Bioheat® heating oil.

Our New Haven plant was built in 2012, became operational in 2013, and presently employs a staff of 50 people directly and an additional 200 people indirectly within Connecticut. Currently, we have the capacity to produce approximately 40 million gallons of biodiesel annually.

As part of the Kolmar Americas family, we continue to work hard to increase the amount of biodiesel that we produce for the marketplace — which creates more jobs for Connecticut and provides greater benefits to both the environment and the economy.


Our biodiesel plant, located in New Haven, Connecticut, is the largest certified and environmentally validated biodiesel production facility in the northeastern United States. We have significantly increased capital investments in the plant in recent years to promote growth. Our capital investments have also allowed us to engage a growing number of local vendors and service providers within Connecticut.

Fast Facts:

  • American GreenFuels, LLC is located at the port of New Haven.
  • American GreenFuels, LLC can receive feedstock and deliver finished biodiesel by truck, rail, ocean barge and vessel.
  • The plant was built in 2012 and has undergone significant capacity expansions since becoming operational in 2013.
  • Since its inception, American GreenFuels, LLC has quadrupled its production capacity to approximately 40 million gallons of biodiesel per year.

Mission & Values

Our Mission

At American GreenFuels we work continuously to produce certified and environmentally validated biodiesel in a safe, efficient, and environmentally-conscious manner. Our biodiesel exceeds stringent quality requirements as we fulfill the growing demand for biodiesel in home heating oil and transportation fuel. We pride ourselves on manufacturing a product that positively impacts both Connecticut’s environment and economy. Our mission is to accomplish all of the above while ensuring the health and safety of our employees.

To achieve our mission, we are committed to continuous improvement, and we validate that commitment through our third-party certification by United Laboratories (“UL”) and our certification by the National Biodiesel Accreditation Program (BQ9000®), which require a rigorous review and inspection of our quality control processes by an independent auditor. Click here to learn more. Our certifications ensure you, the consumer, receive the highest-quality biodiesel in your heating oil system.

Certified and environmentally validated biodiesel produced by American GreenFuels is certified to:

  • have a distinct environmental benefit to Connecticut consumers because it provides greenhouse gas savings of minimum 78% up to 93% as compared with ultra-low sulfur heating oil;
  • meet ASTM D6751 specification standards;
  • be manufactured at a facility that is accredited as a BQ-9000 Producer;
  • meet UL’s validation for having 46% post-consumer recycled content and 42% by-product synergy feedstock content.

For more information on American GreenFuels’ certifications, please visit our certifications page.

Our Values

Trust-based, long-term relationships form the foundation of American GreenFuels’ business principles and underpin our core values.


We are a teamwork-driven organization, and our team includes not only our internal employees but our vendors, equipment suppliers, contractors, service providers, and customers throughout Connecticut and the American Northeast.

For more information on our values, please visit our values page.