Certified Biodiesel Produced by American GreenFuels Can Help Fight Climate Change

February 13th, 2019

Certified biodiesel by American GreenFuels is cleaner-burning, which means that when it burns, it emits less harmful greenhouse gas emissions than those normally produced by diesel and other fossil fuel-based sourced heating oil. You can find this statement in the “Why Choose Biodiesel?” section of our website, but do you know what it really means in terms of climate change and global warming?

Excessive amount of greenhouse gas emissions are bad for the environment.

Today we humans produce an excessive amount of greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gas lingers in our atmosphere and contributes to adverse changes in our environment.  The top sources of these greenhouse gas emissions are from vehicles (transportation), manufacturing plants (production) and fuel use by humans (consumption).

Certified Biodiesel Produced by American GreenFuels Can Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

When sold within Connecticut, certified biodiesel produced by American GreenFuels provides greenhouse gas emission savings of 78% to 93% as compared with ultra low sulfur heating oil. This savings comes from a number of factors:

  1. Transportation. Our biodiesel plant is located in New Haven, Connecticut, and conveniently situated at the port terminal, which enables efficient transportation and logistics connections throughout Connecticut. Our distributors blend our fuel with conventional diesel to create Bioheat® heating oil, and the blended fuel is then sold to home heating oil retailers, who in turn deliver it to Connecticut homes and businesses.
  2. Production. To create our biodiesel, we use a variety of feedstocks, which often come from recycling waste products from other industries, such as used cooking oil.
  3. Consumption. The resources we use to produce our biodiesel are renewable, meaning that they can be replenished relatively quickly with respect to their consumption. By contrast, ultra low sulfur heating oil is produced from fossil fuels, which are consumed faster than they can be replenished. In addition, our biodiesel is cleaner-burning than traditional heating oil and emits less harmful greenhouse gasses when burned.

Please visit the American GreenFuels “Certifications” page.

When it comes to our planet, we all have a responsibility to do what we can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon footprint. We can all make better choices to help the environment — think about how you heat your home.

Click here to learn more about certified biodiesel produced by American GreenFuels. You can also find Connecticut retailers that are currently offering Bioheat® heating oil produced with certified biodiesel produced by American GreenFuels.