American GreenFuels Promoting Biodiesel

American GreenFuels®️ Is Promoting The Use of Biodiesel To Help Resist Climate Change

April 29th, 2020

Connecticut is a beautiful and vibrant state. We all want to keep it that way. So, it’s time that we work closer together to help clean up our environment and boost our local economy. American GreenFuels® is promoting the use of biodiesel in heating oil and on-road diesel to help resist climate change and to help support the Connecticut economy. Here is what you should know …

It’s time to GO GREEN

It’s better for the environment.

Based on its manufacturing process and logistics, certified biodiesel by American GreenFuels boasts a logistical advantage with regards to lower transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions. This results in a product with greater environmental benefits for Connecticut consumers as compared with other biodiesel transported into Connecticut — and a better environment is good for all of us in Connecticut.

American GreenFuels biodiesel is certified to:

  • have a distinct environmental benefit to Connecticut consumers because it provides greenhouse gas savings of up to 93% as compared with ultra-low sulfur heating oil;
  • meet ASTM D6751 specification standards; and
  • be manufactured at a facility that is accredited as a BQ-9000 Producer.

It’s time to GO LOCAL

It fuels the Connecticut economy – it’s made in Connecticut for Connecticut™

American GreenFuels’ biodiesel plant in New Haven, Connecticut, is the largest biodiesel production facility in the northeastern United States, and along the eastern seaboard.

The plant uses waste products from other industries to produce biodiesel. These products include waste oils such as used cooking oil from restaurants and/or food waste from manufacturing facilities. American GreenFuels estimates that it sources used cooking oil feedstock from approximately 5,000 suppliers located throughout the region.

American GreenFuels currently employs approximately 50 people, about a quarter of whom are veterans – but when the plant undergoes major maintenance or expansion projects, American GreenFuels engages more than 200 people. This actually fuels the Connecticut economy.

So, the more Connecticut buys certified and environmentally-validated biodiesel produced by American GreenFuels, the more jobs we will add to the Connecticut economy.

American GreenFuels produces biodiesel that is Made in Connecticut for Connecticut™! So, go local – choose American GreenFuels and help fuel Connecticut’s economy.


It’s environmentally-validated.

American GreenFuels biodiesel is validated by UL for the following environmental claims:

  • Recycled Content – Biodiesel produced by American GreenFuels, LLC contains an average of 42% post-consumer recycled content;
  • ByProduct Synergy – Biodiesel produced by American GreenFuels, LLC contains an average of 46% byproduct synergy feedstock content; and,
  • Zero Waste to Landfill – Silver – American GreenFuels, LLC has achieved zero waste to landfill silver operations, 90% diversion.

It’s a renewable energy source

Biodiesel is a renewable energy source. It is produced from materials that are replenished almost as quickly as they are consumed. In contrast, ultra low sulfur heating oil, otherwise known as traditional heating oil or diesel fuel, is produced from fossil fuels, which cannot be replenished.


Go American GreenFuels because it is the right thing to do:

  • American GreenFuels promotes policies incentivizing and/or requiring Connecticut energy consumers to replace traditional fossil fuels with renewable fuels like biodiesel, which dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • American GreenFuels biodiesel can be used as a replacement for traditional petroleum diesel in heating oil; on and off-road diesel vehicles; and, electricity generation.

Do your part to help Connecticut resist climate change and support the local economy!


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